We are primary care leaders, educators, and advocates who are passionate about reforming graduate medical education through payment reform, strategic partnerships, state level initiatives, advocacy, and education.


From 2008-2012, primary care residencies increased just 5%, while GME slots in dermatology grew by 10%, emergency medicine and plastic surgery by 17%, and neurosurgery by 41%.

21% of US teaching hospitals do not currently produce any primary care physicians.

Without reform, America won't have enough primary care physicians. 


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About our logo

The new logo for the GME Initiative started with the GME Problem:


"If things stay the same, then they will only get worse."

The problem highlithed above is the percentage of physician workforce in primary care, which is going in the wrong direction.

One of our defined essential elements for reforming Medicare GME, also included in the above section, is to set a goal to improve health care outcomes and reduce costs by increasing the primary care workforce to at least 40%

As you may notice, the GME Initiative logo goes on the opposite direction of the GME Problem - we are confident that GME reform is part of the solution to increase the primary care workforce! 

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