What is GME

Graduate Medical Education (GME), also known as residency training, prepares physicians for the independent practice of medicine. Medical students, during their fourth year, submit applications and interview to be accepted into a residency program; residency training is separate from medical school - and residency training is required of all medical specialties for board certification. The length of residency depends on the medical specialty; for primary care specialties (family medicine, general pediatrics, general internal medicine), residency training is three years. 

For more about GME basics, click here. 

Primary Care Physician Shortage: Going the Wrong Direction
Past, Current, and Upcoming GME Summit Conferences

GME State Initiatives Summit (Spring 2017)

Details coming soon. 

GME Summit West November 2015: GME Reform - Moving from Proposals to Action

The goal of this event was to develop specific goals and strategies to reform the GME funding system that will help the country meet its health care and physician workforce needs. 

GME Summit June 2014: Seeking a Permanent Solution to the Primary Care Shortage

The purpose of this event was to educate policy-makers about changes needed in the Graduate Medical Education (GME) payment structure to increase the primary care workforce. 

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Letters to Policy Makers
Report Card for GME Bills

This is a list of items to be addressed in proposed legislation. The +/- grading system is a subjective assessment of draft legislation. 

Report Card

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