Charge and Mission

"Broaden the base; establish partnerships with other organizations, regions, states; coordinate our legislative efforts with those groups.”

This workgroup is tasked with utilizing the policy brief developed by the GME Initiative to successfully engage supportive partnership and /or aligned advocacy of other key stakeholders in GME reform. This will include medical specialty organizations, national, state, regional, and key local organizations as well as key influential individuals among others. In addition to people and organizations active in GME delivery, it could also include outreach to supportive parties who have financial interests in GME, organizational or strategic interests in current or future GME and workforce implications.


This work group will develop communication methods with interested stakeholders and advocates. It will be a conduit to invite more proactive participation and awareness of future GME meetings and other events. 

Additionally, this workgroup will promote bidirectional communication between the GME Initiative and the enlarging number of partners to clarify message, validate official changes in content, context, or approach to advocating for GME changes. It will also bring substantive desired perspectives from partners to the GME Initiative for review.

Initial proposed work timeline is to use the first half of 2016 to grow the partnerships based on the policy brief and then the second half of 2016 to focus on activism.

The workgroup itself will not make unilateral substantive changes to the message or methods developed and endorsed by the GME Initiative.

Membership will be voluntary and open so long as the members are compliant with the charge as detailed. Within the limits of the official message and methods of the GME Initiative, this workgroup’s decisions will be made by consensus.

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