Our "Why"

Our long-term goal is comprehensive reform of the GME financing system to best meet the health care needs of the nation.  We are particularly focused on developing and sustaining GME in primary care and in essential specialty care for underserved settings through appropriate legislative and regulatory reform.

Our Mission

To thoroughly understand the national statutes, regulations, and accreditation rules related to graduate medical education policies, including how they interrelate and impact funding of current and potential new/expanded residencies. 

To disseminate that understanding through effective communication with the larger GME Initiative, to "the field" of Family Medicine and others attempting to create or maintain GME programs in needed specialties in areas of need, and to other stakeholders in GME, policy makers, regulatory agencies, and legislators. 

To promote the adoption of constructive changes in GME statute and regulation. 

Our Vision

By 2026, federal and state funding of GME will align with the IOM Report on the Governance and Finance of GME 2014, and will promote the development of an equitably distributed and quality primary care workforce. 

Our Strategy

We accomplish our mission through (1) collaboration among a networked community of experts in primary care and GME in rural and underserved communities and (2) implementation of a task force group specially focused on legislative scoring of introduced bills and suggested framing or wording for future rules or legislation. The following are our guiding principles:

  • ​Maintain as our primary focus the workforce needs of rural and underserved communities

  • Bring a deep understanding of rules of residency accreditation and finance and look for unintended consequences in proposed legislation and regulation

  • Pursue incremental change in the short term, but only in the context of long-term improvement of our GME system (this decade)

Balance the need for focused action with that of building a wider coalition of stakeholders in effecting the substantive change we envision:

"Something for urban, something for rural, something for every specialty."

Our Tactics
  • Apply a "scorecard" to proposed legislative solutions

  • Develop outlines of possible legislative solutions to GME funding and operational problems focused on specialties and areas of need

  • Report monthly to the larger GMEI group on activities

  • Liaise with CAFM/AFMAC, the AAFP, and other organizations in an effort to promote needed legislative and regulatory reforms by joint construction of framing documents, shared language and message coordination, and mutual learning

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